I thought I had plenty of bugs and slugs and creepy crawlies to show off with when I did this post and then, (were they feeling left out?) a whole new army of bugs moved in …

I took myself off to the book store and came back armed with what I thought was a book about local bugs – alas, it was a British book (yes I know, I’m blonde and not always very bright – my excuse is it was the ONLY “bug” book available at Exclusive and I assumed it would be a local book, plus, I was in a hurry!). So I’m no wiser than I was last time I posted on bugs in my garden.

Here are the latest summer invaders!

Sun tanning on the PhilodendronI let him live - no harm done

His buddy perched oppositeHis buddy perched opposite

Climbing up the Gloriosa shootClimbing up the Gloriosa shoot

Beautiful neon coloursBeautiful neon colours

One of my favourite sightsOne of my favourite sights

Another crawlyAnother crawly

Uh Oh! Whats have we here …Uh Oh! Whats have we here ...

One of the baddies eating flowersOne of the baddies eating flowers

So much leaf damage on the AggiesSo much leaf damage on the Aggies

Yikes! He was Huge!Yikes! He was Huge!

The last one was dragged in by my cat and I let nature take its course – Dexter finished him off. The bad news I guess is that if there is one of these there are probably lots more.

Happy Gardening