You might remember that I spent ages planting up all the hundreds of bulbs I bought in April and May. Most of the bulbs were planted at the end of April over the long Easter weekend and made their presence known very quickly with shoots emerging and now we wait for them to flower in Spring. The few Narcissus I planted have already flowered (I admit I was underwhelmed by them, they were pretty but nothing to get terribly excited about). The Tulips I planted have not shown any signs of planning to emerge until today! I found the first bit of life from the tulips and I’m very excited about it.

The Asiatic Lilies are coming up and look very strong and healthy and at last the Daffodils are starting to come through. The Potato bush which I thought I had killed has erupted into a mass of flowers so it goes to show that moving a plant from a position where it seems unhappy to another, really pays off. Then the last bit of joy is that my Camellias are all flowering and Azaleas in pink and cerise are adding colour to my winter garden.

The first Tulip emergesThe first Tulip emerges

The Asiatic Lilies are looking goodThe Lilies are looking good

Potato bush comes back to lifePotato bush come back to life

Violas hide emerging DaffodilsViolas hide the Daffodils

Pink AzaleasPink Azaleas

Does Lavender flower all year long?Does Lavender flower all year long?

My only white Camellia openingMy only white Camellia opening

Ranunculus waiting for SpringRanunculus waiting for Spring

Oh I just can’t wait for Spring … only two more months (59 more sleeps!)

Happy Gardening

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