I’ve been winding down my little herb and vegetable plantation (read: pots and planters filled with herbs and greens) in order to prepare the planters and pots with fresh compost and soil for planting up of fresh seedlings for Spring. So my harvest is small, but it sure packs a punch. For our August Garden Bloggers Harvest Day I’ve managed to fill a basket with wonderful herbs we will use in out kitchen for the next day or so. Judging from whats in the basket, I suspect a great Thai-inspired seafood dish might be on the menu.

August Harvest

What’s in my August basket?

The Violas (or pansies) – there are plenty more happily growing and flowering in the garden so we can pick them if and when we want to use them. Using them in the kitchen is something we’ve never done before and I am experimenting. I doubt I’ll use them for anything other than decorating a dish maybe.

The Fennel – My very first fennel stem harvest. We have been using the fronds already. They are rather nice in a salad and we’ll try the first harvest of the celery-like stems in a dish tomorrow.

Lemon Thyme is a lovely herb and Rosemary we use regularly. It really is at its absolute best when it’s picked fresh from the garden just before use.

A closer look at my stashA closer look at my stash

There’s fresh rosemary and thyme …There's fresh rosemary and thyme ...

As well as coriander, fennel, parsley and …As well as coriander, fennel, parsely and ...

Keeping fresh in little bottles after harvestKeeping fresh in little herb vases

There is plenty of parsley and the coriander is doing great in this cooler weather (I find it bolts very quickly here in Spring and Summer and I have to continuously replace my Coriander plants in the hot weather if I want fresh coriander on hand. (We use it a LOT in our kitchen).

The limes are wonderful, we use them all the time and never seem to have enough.

I love the Lemongrass plant. It’s lovely to look at looks great in any perennial planting scheme, but here it holds pride of place in my veggie planter because I love it in there. We don’t use lemongrass that often, so for me just one plant seems to supply us with all the fresh lemongrass we need.

When I pick a couple of herbs from the garden and don’t plan to use them immediately I stick the bunches in these little ‘vases’ and they stay fresh and lovely for a few days and are always ready for throwing into a dish. And they look and smell great in the kitchen.  Lovely!

A close up of all the pretty

My hands have the most wonderful lemony-herby smell on them after this little harvest!

What herbs or vegetables are you harvesting or growing in your garden right now? Please do join us for Garden Bloggers Harvest Day and share photos of your bounty with us all.

Happy Harvesting