When we moved into our house here in Philadelphia, we were so captivated by the rural feel and the long dirt roads where you can take long walks next to the wheat fields, that we added a gate to the back garden wall. This allowed us easy access to the meadow behind our house and to the long dirt road. Well, now that we have had to pen our chickens, so that they don’t run rampant around my newly planted garden, I feel so terribly guilty that I open the back gate for them for an hour every day so they can run wild – literally. I do supervise this little extra mural excursion! This has now become our extended back garden. We have made new friends now and they wait for us every day!

The field behind our house

The natural vegetation – lovely!

Our sheep friends!

Getting tired of waiting for us!

Our favourite friend – the yellow weaver bird!

Giving us the eye! Making sure we are looking!

The yellow weaver bird is our favourite little friend who lives in the big Pepper Tree in the meadow behind our house. He is the first one to greet me in the morning when the chickens are let out to play! He joins them for morning breakfast! He is so busy with nest building that he has a monsterous appetite.

May I join you?

Buffy is happy to share

I am so fond of the wild flowers that grow here in the meadow. The daisies, the butter cups and the other colourful flowers – I don’t know the name of these. This is such a pretty place.

African daisy – I think!

Our small friend the grasshopper greets too!

I can see you, Buffy!

I love these wild flowers

Thank you for joining us! Ok, the sheep have to go now and the weaver bird  too, so we are going to go in now too.

Time to go home now!

Weaver bird has also had to go home!


Bye bye for now and enjoy your garden today xxx