I have been soaked to the bone this past week and I know that August and September have been some of the wettest months so far in the Cape! So, I had little hope of Spring flowers. I have to admit that the “gardening joy bug” hasn’t hit me yet and with the beginning of Spring already gone, I had to muster up some strength to venture outside into the soggy garden with gumboots and umbrella! I was determined to add some colour to my day! And here it is! I was so surprized to see so much flowering and so much colour!

Here’s what’s blooming in Barbie’s garden in September 2013


Dierama-Angels fishing road

Wow! My first Louisiana Iris this year

Have lots of Irises coming up!

Calendula – a favourite

Pots of French Lavender

Peas in the veggie patch

My azaleas looking gorgeous! This is my first attempt at growing a shade plant!

Pretty Dierama

Alyssum in the dry river bed

Raised bed with re-seeded Sparaxis and Ixias

My BIG flower from Lüneberg Germany

Borage, feverfew & confetti bush

Sweet Tara wanting attention

Jasmine in full bloom!

Bushes of Chrysanthemums

Peach tree blossoms – so late in coming! Where are all the bees?

Blueberry & borage together in the Bee Patch

Love the foliage here!

Borage that has come up on its own

Confetti bush – so pretty!

Tara is still wanting attention! In the background are the wild flowers.

Bulbine grows well anywhere – and a very useful plant if you have a cut, bun, or an insect bite! Artemesia Powis Castle in the background – this is an off cut from the mother plant.

Yarrow trying hard to flower

Pretty Lupins

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