After the heat of yesterday and the windy morning, I finally ventured out into the garden to see what needed tending. Besides the blown-over trellis and the build-up of weed, I was amazed to see lots of new growth and happy flowers. I am amazed at how much a garden can really give you when you offer some love and care.  I treasure the surprises and the jump-for-joy moments, like the new Louisiana Iris in the front garden, the first new Rose or the Broccoli sprout and the sweet carrots.

My first rose bud. It is so sweet and gloriously scented!

Dianthus in full bloom next to the Tea Tree

New rose bushes with Powis Castle

Salvia Hot Lips in the rose patch

Some rose buds, Fuchsia growing tall

What a beautiful colour-Louisiana Iris

A single perfect flower-just lovely!


My Auntie Henna Rose

Fuchsia lush and green

The Grass Feature is coming alive. The grasses are in their 3rd Season, so this is the year for them to shine!

The grass feature is amazing

All grasses are in full growth

The riverbed still looking good

This will be so nice in summer

Well, the front garden is in full display. The Leopard trees are about to bud and within a few weeks will be rich and green with new leaves. Now let’s see what the back garden is doing …..

The Carnations are still blooming – together with the Yarrow. Both are new to my garden and seem to be happy in the new bed.

Chamomile- great tea

Sage – Salvia

Calendula – my first ever from seeds

A favourite medicinal flower

My first Fennel plant with flowers – from this one I will collect the seeds.

Babiana are so pretty

My first carnations that didn’t die on me

Sweetpea up the ladder

The new bed

Buffy hiding from me

My new apple trees in bloom

Quinces are now starting

New strawberries – I love spring!

Blueberry bush also producing

Watering hole next to the Tansy

Another watering hole

My first Lily-behind the pineapple sage

A dove in her new nest in the potato bush

Blue Cornflowers in the meadow

Don’t know what this is-but pretty

Another unknown flower in the meadow

Another non-name flower

Wild growing Nasturtiums

Meadow flowers coming to an end

Best Lemons ever!

Loquats are nearly ripe!

I have so many more photos,but I think I will post them on another day. There is so much happening in my garden right now and I haven’t even touched on the veggie patch.

Til next post – Happy Gardening xxxxxx