Can you believe it, I actually won a competition. Not only that, I won it for a photograph of one of my flowers (doing the happy dance here).

I bought all my bulbs from Hadeco, South Africa’s prime bulb producer. Then I found out that they have a weekly photo competition they run on their Facebook page and a few weeks ago, when my bulbs started flowering I started entering, and have done so faithfully each week. This week one of the first entries they received (you can see the entries on their page) was a magnificent green Arum Lily (Zantadeshia) and I thought it would surely win and I decided not to enter this week as I didn’t stand a chance.

But what do you know … excited about my first white Asiatic Lily flowering, I took a photo very late Thursday afternoon as the sun had gone down and decided to enter it after after all. And yesterday afternoon I got a huge surprise when I received an e-mail telling me my gorgeous Lily has won me a hamper from Hadeco!

Here is my winning lily …

Winning Lily

I’m sure it is the lovely Lily that won me the prize as it hasn’t got anything to do with my photographic skills. But in case you are interested, you can click on the left photo below to see the original, uncropped version that I submitted. The one on the right I took today when the sun was shining, just to see how it would look with the sun shining on the flower.

On the winning photo I love how pure the new Lily looks against the magnificent bark of the tree. On the other photo, It shows me that sunlight and time of day makes a huge difference to the overall look of the photograph (i.e. the flower looks more beautiful without the harsh light of the sun on it).

The winning photographThe winning photograph

Same Lily, different time of daySame Lily, different time of day

I’m very excited to have won something and thrilled that the prize is a hamper of Hadeco bulbs! I’ll post on the blog when I receive the hamper.

Happy Gardening