Just a quick post to show the new seedlings growing. I can see the difference between the kale and the chinese cabbage now with the second set of leaves (I am sure they have a more scientific name) coming through. I am excited about the kale – I saw a recipe with kale and it looked so scrumptious!  With so much nutritional value, it can only be a great addition to any plate! I also harvest a variety of lettuces daily for our lunch salad! No more red, juicy tomatoes, but I do have the small yellow Blondekopf tomatoes. Very sweet and there are always lots of them!

Here we have the kale


Chinese Cabbage


Rocket in the raised bed

Ok – I think this is more cabbage

Potato plant emerging

A necklace of Blondekopf tomatoes

Some lettuce in a bald patch

Oak leaf lettuce



What else is growing in my garden that I haven’t talked about for awhile?

Passion Fruit Vine


Lemon Tree

Bulbs in the raised beds-must be Sparaxis

Ixia with Lupins

Birdies love the birdbath

Grasses are still attractive

Fairylights in the Leopard tree

Black pod of the Leopard Tree

Powis Castle Artemesia in the rose bed

Rosemary & fennel in the veggie patch

Lots still happening in my garden and as I can see, there is still a basketful of goodies I can collect from the veggie patch!

Have a Happy Gardening week xxxxxx