I was heart broken when the weather turned nasty and the Cape storms hit our region with a force that went on and on. The ground is saturated and my garden looks like a huge pool. If we encounter another storm, then I’m afraid the ground cannot soak it away and the land will flood. It was near impossible to take part in the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on the 15th, but I have managed to get a few blooms today and wanted to share these.

But first you need to see what my garden looked like on the 15th!

The whole stone paving was flooded

It looks like a pond in my backyard

My veggie patch is totally flooded

It  looks swamped and waterlogged

The blooms that managed to survive the storms ….. was in the meadow …..

The first Fuchsia bloom!!

Daisy blooms in the meadow now showing

New bed with Chasmanthe the tall flower

Bulbs with new shoots and carnations

I am so looking forward to spring – but I think the cold will still be with us for awhile. With snow on the mountains nearby, it will be a cold August!

So nice to follow all the GBBD posts to get me motivated.

Happy Gardening xxxx