Our second combined post specially for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, here’s whats happening in our Autumn Gardens. We hope you enjoy our “April blooms” and then join Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see what she and other gardeners around the world have blooming today – the Spring Gardens in the Northern Hemisphere are looking stunning so please go and take a look! And then also take a look at ‘Garten Blogger Blüten im April‘ over at Seepferds Garten – A stunning garden in Berlin, Germany, who hosts the German version of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day! Then join us all by showing whats flowering in your garden – we’d love to see.

Come on SA Gardeners, there are so few South African Gardens on display at Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and we want to see more! (If you want see another beautiful South African Autumn Garden, visit Diana’s garden at Elephant’s Eye. Its looking spectacular in Porterville).

What’s Blooming in Christine’s Garden in April, 2011

Well and truly into Autumn, there is little to show you that you haven’t already seen. Camellias are in full bloom and looking quite lovely and the Mona Lavender are still providing plenty of interest with their understated little purple flowers. Autumn it may be but my garden is all pink, white and violet … very pretty, and I’m working hard at preparing my Spring Garden, deciding when and where to plant which bulbs, getting everything ready and prepared, its lots of fun! For today, here are my most show-worthy Blooms (Tibouchina is my favourite flower right now. Does anyone else have one of these?)

My newest favourite … TibouchinaTibouchina

The new Iceberg RosesIceberg Rose

Lovely CamelliasPink Camellias

Japanese Anemone (Wind flower)Japanese Anemone

and a cute little bush violetBarleria obtusa 'blue' - Bush Voilet

White Mandevilla SplenensMandevilla Splenens White

That’s all from me today, lets check out whats happening in Barbie’s Garden…

What’s Blooming in Barbie’s Garden in April, 2011

I am quite amazed at all the beautiful blooms in Christine’s Garden. I have to say that my display is not so bold and colourful. Subdued and tame, my garden is starting to see the effects of autumn. The only real new flowers that are blooming are my indiginous proteas. But my never-failing lavender and my sweet-smetting roses are always ensuring that my vases in the home stay full :-) ! The Lemon Verbena has the most delicate blooms and I had to add this small bush because she is trying so very hard. I have a few new-comers that seem to have stayed – the small violas. I do hope you enjoy what I can offer and I am looking forward to seeing all the spring gardens up there in the Northern Hemisphere! Happy Blooming Friday!!





Lemon Verbena

More Lemon Verbena