As I was pottering around my garden today I had the sweetest childhood memory of being a very young child (must have been before school-going age), picking flowers and giving them to my Mom which always made her smile. And so it is today, my lovely, supportive Mom is probably my gardens’ biggest fan and often I catch myself thinking “Mami will love this!” when I spot a new flower in the garden or find a lovely plant at a nursery. A lot of what I plant is in anticipation of the joy I know it brings to her when she reads this blog, all the way in Germany!

So today’s floral show is just for you Mami! Thank you for all your love and support and mostly, thank you for being my Mom!

First the Tulips I picked for you …

Yellow Tulips

Todays Tulip

Lovely Tulip

3 Tulips

Tulips in the vase

And a few other “Pretty’s” in the garden today


Angel's Trumpet

Ranunculus white

Ranunculus pink

More cinerarias


All my love