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Bulb planting weekend – Part II

I planted all 969 bulbs!! I’m exhausted! And I hurt myself – I have a big gash on my ankle from a clumsy fall. I hope its worth it. I’ll be gutted if I don’t have a garden full of flowers come spring. Right now I look and feel like this …

After planting 800+ bulbs!

Bulbs planted this weekend:

In the Bed under the Office Window (under and in between the Nandina’s):
At the back – Leucojum aestivum – 20Check
In front of them – Muscari – dainty white – 20Check

In the “Camellia bed”:
Alliums – 100 (I ordered 50, they gave me an extra 50 for free = 100)Check
Narcissus cantabricus – 4 (in “compots”, so I can move and plant later)Check

In the Front Garden “Gardenia bed”:
Sparaxis – 35 (planted in the sunniest corner away from the Gardenias)Check

In the “Rose Bed”:
Ranunculus white – 70Check
Ranunculus pink – 35Check
Ornithogalum white – 35Check

Back garden bed under the Birch Tree:
Dutch Iris pale blue and white – 75Check

Back garden bed at the front of the border:
Tritonias – 35Check

Back Garden Bed under the Pepper Tree area:
Freesias – 235Check

Outside the property, on the verge:
Anemones – 100Check(might get more – only a small part of the verge covered)

In various containers and pots:
Narcissus mixed – 75Check
Rare indigeneous bulbs – 46Check
Ixias – 35Check

Tulips – 48 – STILL TO DO! Have the container but ran out of potting soil … need to go and get one more bag of potting soil – yikes, we know how that turns out 🙂

The Dream …

[one_half]This is what I am hoping for …Bulb planting[/one_half]

[one_half_last]and dreaming of …Bulb planting[/one_half_last]

The Verdict:
With the bulb planting tool thingy it was actually very EASY! My soil is wonderfully friable, the bulb tool thingy (Dibber) went in easily creating the holes for bulbs that went straight into the soil and I was able to do many bulbs per minute! Make the holes, pop the bulbs in and cover. Easy! What a pleasure that was! What did take time was the containers. I had a plan I wanted to follow (that I had seen in a book) and it just didn’t work out for me, so in the end I just planted the bulbs in the containers the way I felt like doing it, changed my mind a few times and … well they are all planted somewhere now!

What did NOT work well:
The bulbs that went into the bulb baskets took a little longer and I feel they are a waste. I bought them to protect the bulbs from the mole rates – but the two solar mole repeller are doing their thing – they emit a buzzing sound every few seconds so hopefully the mole rats stay away. So far there are no new mole hills, so it might actually be working. I only used five of the trays in the end because I found it so much easier using the dibber. I have lots going spare now, I hope I can find some use for them. I might use them for the Tulips seeing as those bulbs need to be lifted and thrown out (so the books tell me – why not just leave them in the soil to rot and turn to compost I wonder?).


By Christine

Dominated by large trees on a medium sized property, my garden is very shaded. With no “full sun” areas I have to plant shade and partial shade loving plants. I love shrubs and flowers including camellias and azaleas but Roses and Irises are my favourite and getting these to thrive is a challenge …

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They seem like so many when we’re planting, so few when they bloom. Too many are never enough.

I think you pull the tulips bulbs after bloom to prevent disease staying in the soil. I’ve given up tulips. More hyacinths.

hi Nell, I agree, it seemed to me I had overbought when all the packets were piled up on my dining room table, but once I started planting i realized I could have bought three times that number … Oh well, next year …

Hyacinths is the one thing I didn’t buy. If I see any at the nursery I’ll get some. They look so pretty in photographs and I believe they look wonderful planted around the tulips.

Just looking again at your post. It is truly amazing what you have achieved and this post will be your record of where you have placed all the bulbs. Come spring time you can see what is coming up. I am also guessing you have used your Gardening Journal to record this! 🙂

Congratulations!!! Wow!! Wow!! I really didn’t think it was going to be that easy. I am super impressed and more so when they all bloom, which they will. It will be more than stunning and the most beautiful garden show EVER!!!!! I totally feel for you….and the injury. Shame!!! That pic you used is PERFECT!!! Had to laugh when I read only one more bag of potting soil!!!!!! Haahaaa! We know what that means! Take a rest my friend. I am still crawling around here with my back in spasms. Argh! So annoying. But it tells us that we should take things a little easier and to pace ourselves better. I am sure when our body gets tired we make mistakes and get injured. Let’s keep our garden a danger free zone!! Happy resting !!!!!

Congratulations on getting all those bulbs planted. You must be very satisfied, as well as tired. The results should be fabulous. And thanks for posting on what did and didn’t work. Very helpful post, and I look forward to seeing your bulbs in bloom.

Wow, so many bulbs, you are surely going to have a fantastic show. Here in the UK i have found that if you plant Tulips deeper than suggested they will in fact flower for quite a few years. Hope your injury heals soon.

hi Alistair – thanks for the tip on the Tulips!! I’m going to give that a go, I knew there was a reason for saving the Tulips till the end 🙂

I planted a bunch of bulbs last year (not as many as you!), and it was wonderful!!!! this spring when things started popping up – especially when I didn’t remember what I had planted where. I’m still getting bulbs coming up – so exciting! Hope you didn’t hurt yourself too bad. A good excuse not to do any housework for the next few days! ;0

Hi Holley – I know what you mean about forgetting where you planted which bulbs – I already can’t remember, except what I wrote on the blog. But I think that’s half the fun, the surprises I can look forward to in spring!

so funny to hear of bulb planting when ours are just emerging…how wonderful it will all look…I add about a thousand (really) a year but you have so many more varieties that I wish I could grow…can’t wait for winter time here to see your bulbs flowering…

Hi Donna – am so glad to hear that my number of bulbs is not a crazy number! It seemed like so many but by the time I finished I realized I have space for thousands more 🙂

Stopped for a little lunch and blog entertainment and your cute cartoon is what I see. Ha ha…but not ha ha on the injury. Hope you are feeling a bit better and the wound heals. Kudos on the bulb planting and all that work, I love the spring and summer show, but abhor the planting.

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