I’m sure for seasoned gardeners this is no big deal, but I was excited (and a bit dismayed) to find this little birds nest lying in my garden today whilst I was pulling out weeds. I was excited because it’s the first time I’ve found one (and it provided a great photo-op for the new macro lens) and because it tells me that the birds like living in my trees. On inspection, I then found a few more bird nests in my actual trees – but the others are all a lot bigger than this one.

This sweet little nest is about 12cm in diameter at it largest width. Any ideas about  what type of bird this would belong to? Oh, and another question – what is the correct thing to do when finding a nest on the ground? Just leave it there? (that’s what I’ve done, for now).

I was a bit upset because I was worried about the “nest owner” missing her home, but perhaps they have built a new one? There were no eggs in it so I assume they no longer need it. On my shopping list – I’ve ordered a new bird bath from Peppino’s which will arrive next week tomorrow (Yay!). This will go out back where there is no water feature and I found the other bird nests. They need a bath and water so I need to supply … right?

Birds NestBirds Nest

Closer viewBirds Nest

Happy gardening