I love seeing the bees buzzing around my garden. When I see them busily buzzing around from flower to flower then I know I am doing something right by providing them with nectar and pollen to attract them to my garden. The sun came out for a short while today so I sat in a puddle when the drizzling stopped to watch them buzzing from flower to flower in the Rose Bed. The only flowers they seem interested in right now are the Alyssum I planted here. I never realised Alyssum had any fragrance until I sat there waiting to capture at least one photograph of the bees and realised they do smell – quite pretty actually when nothing much else is going on in the garden. It was a lovely half hour spent amongst the flowers and the bees before it started drizzling again and I ran for cover.

Oh … and in case you are wondering, I only managed to get one half-way decent photograph of the bee in that half hour. Photography, like gardening, takes practice. But as they say, practise makes perfect. I’ll get there, one day (I hope). If nothing else, I’m learning to be patient!

Happy gardening