Well I guess you all thought that I left the country!! Well, I did! I travelled to Germany on business and also to visit family. During this time, my hubby stayed home and said that the weather was cold, wet, very wet and miserable!! I had a fabulous trip and took lots of photos, so I will have to do a special post on my trip. My garden looks forlorn and totally drenched! I was so surprised when I took my camera and found a few blooms for a delayed Blooms Day! Here are the sunny flowers that managed to put a smile on my face! Hey!! We are supposed to be in Spring!! But we really don’t feel very Springy yet!!

Almond blossom

Borage-a favourite here

Potato Plant just flowering

My sweet Tara-Barred Rock

Nasturtium’s all soggy

Really pretty wild flowers

Love the bell shape Dierama

Lavender looks great!

Water everywhere!

Dietes – always a winner

Allysum tucked away

Broccoli in bloom

Ixias in bloom

Calendula – bright orange!


Can’t wait for the Jasmine

Something new – Lupins!

I really like them!

Azaleas about to bloom! A first!

Bulbine plant

Peach blossom – looking sad!


So excited! My confetti bush!

Blueberry blossoms-not so happy

Even though the blossoms are not all bold and bright, I am so happy to have the few there is. The ground is soaked and alot of plants have literally drowned. I have so much work to do and I look forward to a sunny week ahead!

Glad to be home and will be happier when I am in my gum boots!

Happy Gardening xxxx