Vegetable HarvestWe’ve had a shocking week with all sorts of things going wrong at work and its been extremely stressful. I’ve had barely a moment to look at my garden and even less time to go and do any shopping. I felt a bit like “Old Mother Hubbard” last night when I went to the cupboard and all we had was a single tin of tuna!

Nothing to eat, what to do? We thought about ordering in a pizza when I had a brain wave – what about a Tuna Salad? We have a veggie planter full of all sorts of greens growing and begging to be harvested. So dinner was all freshly picked from our garden and added to a tin of tuna! And it was YUMMY!! A mixture of cos and butter lettuce, a tomato, basil, some chopped chives, a pepper and a bit of parsley sprinkled on top! Very rewarding and cheap too.

The Vegetable HarvestVegetable Harvest

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I’m inspired now to start planting more edibles! What a pleasure to take a basket and go and “pick your dinner”, fresh from the garden.

Happy Gardening!