Today I am grateful that I am able to create a little haven for the birds in my area and that they help me with “pest control” in my rose garden. I have plenty of little Witoogies that visit daily and they apparently feed on aphids. I’ve been purposely NOT spraying my Roses with any of the “recommended” chemical sprays and the result has been very interesting – NO aphids since I stopped spraying (I assume the noxious spray was keeping the birds away). There is a bird bath in the rose bed and I see the Witoogies and Sunbirds in it daily which might explain why I am no longer seeing any aphids on the roses. It is possible of course that they will return … but for now I am most grateful to the Witoogies for making a meal of them.

Louisiana Iris

Photo: Louisiana Iris “Colorific” – I love the Irises I have growing in my garden, so much so that I have bought a lot more and have planted them in preparation for next spring! I love the strong strappy evergreen leaves of the plants when not in flower, so I have these tucked into various areas in my garden now and they are growing beautifully. I should have a magnificent display next spring!

Louisiana Iris “Colorific”  grows to 2 ft, it has large bicolor, reddish purple and white flowers.

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