Very exciting for me is that my first Iceberg Standard Rose has produced a whole bunch of buds and here is the first Rose starting to open. I’m happy about this because I was actually very unimpressed by the three standard roses I was sold. When I compare the state they were in (not great) and what I was charged, to the Iceberg Standards I saw last week in Elgin available from Duncan’s Roses. Their specimens were in 1000% better condition, totally beautiful specimens and cost less that half of what I was charged. But we live and learn … right?

And it is very rewarding that mine is opening up and looking like its going to be verrrry pretty!

Iceberg Rose openingIf you love Roses, visit my two favourite “Garden Blogging Buddies” who have the most magnificent Rose Gardens. They are Holley’s Blog at “Roses & Other Gardening Joys“, and Masha’s Blog at “A Rose is a Rose …“. These two ladies and their lovely Rose Gardens inspired me to try Roses in my garden!

Happy Gardening

Here is an update – Fully opened today (Tuesday) and lots of buds on the bushes!

Iceberg Rose in Bloom

PS: And now I want MORE Roses!!