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My Veggie Planter has arrived

Veggie Planter

Hi Barbs, Great excitement, the veggie planter I ordered from Home Organics  last week has arrived! The planter arrived whilst I was out today and by the time I got home it was too late to do anything other than take a photo or two, rip it open to see whats involved in setting it all up and then making a list of what I’m going to get tomorrow to get it […]

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Basic organic pesticide

Organic pesticide

I have been using this basic organic pesticide in my garden, especially on my lemon tree, and it is working wonders. I know we both hate using these harsh chemical pesticides and with the help of Margret Roberts, I have been successful with this mix. Take a bucket (I’m not quite there yet with this huge quantity) of basil or any pungent strong herb. Pour 1 to 2 buckets of boiling water […]

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New Plant Stand

New plant stand

I love shopping … and I love buying new plants and gardening things! When I went to Ferndale on Saturday I also bought a plant stand – I’ve wanted one of these forever. I see so many of these in gardening magazines and they look so great when they have lots of lovely plants on them. They delivered it yesterday and within minutes, we started putting our empty pots on it and […]

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Coffee grounds as fertiliser

Coffee as fertiliser

Last week when I was moaning about the sad state of my gardenias I did some research online about caring for them and came across a video by some garden expert in the USA and he said “and don’t forget to sprinkle your old coffee grounds around the base, the Gardenias will thrive”. I thought I wasn’t hearing correctly … coffee grounds?? I replayed it a few times to make sure I […]

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The DIY Planter

DIY Planter

Here is the Planter you gave me for my birthday. I just love it! It works beautifully and I so love this that I am going to make more for the garden – they are simple to put together. And now that you have given me your dimensions, we are going to be busy building a whole lot of them. They are waist high, so you have an easy reach when you […]

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My Gardenias and insect repellent


I thought I was finished for today, but then I had some more I wanted to say … remember that discussion we had about the insect repellents and how toxic they smelt (and felt)? Today I had to do some major spraying because I found aphids on quite a few of my Gardenias – also on the Camellias in the garden. So I got hold of Ludwig’s Insect Spray to try. It […]