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Mantis mommy laying eggs

It was by pure chance I saw this praying mantis mommy laying her eggs in our front doorway! I was on my way out to water the garden and I glanced down. Gee! I nearly stepped on her. She looked up at me and must have called out – “Watch out!” Had I not been mindful, I would have not gone down on my knees to take a closer look. What a […]

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The Gardening Journal in the News

It has been such a fun year getting our project  – The Gardening Journal  – from an idea to a published book! The layout and the designing! The printing and its own great website! It has been just as fun using it while planning our gardens month-by-month – watching what grows! Up until now, The Gardening Journal has been really only given to friends and family to use and recommend. Then we […]

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Bugs and things

We have suffered through consistent wind for days now – this is the norm for this time of year in Cape Town – and I grow weary of it! I have no joy playing in the garden when the southeaster howls through the town. The wind has a nasty habit of bringing with it flies! I don’t know why! It seems to be a common thing here in Philly! It doesn’t make […]

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Feathered friends sharing apple crumble

Oh Chris – I loved the 30 Day Challenge on the gardening buddies – our feathered friends who help us in the garden. Not only do they help us in the garden, but entertain us and join in our delight!  I want to share my little friends with you. We were all enjoying an apple crumble together. The wagtail was first – I could not believe it! Then came the Cape Sparrow and […]

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Gardening mistakes

Most of the time, gardening is a feeling and with some research and new-found knowledge you plant and sow and usually your garden will grow – with love and lots of watering. In this past year, I have made a few mistakes and tried a few recommended tips and found that they were a waste of time. My first mistake is that sun-loving plants should not be planted in the shadow of […]

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Green November

I love my early morning ritual with getting up – open up for the chickens – kisses and hugs, fresh seeds, greens and water – put the coffee on – empty the trash – pack the dishes from the night before – pour the coffee and my morning begins…… I love sitting out on my deck in summer.The sun is way up there early in the morning and the birds and bees […]

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Open Gardens visit

I wanted to share the Elgin Open Gardens Route visit we did last weekend. I took a few photos of the beautiful flowers and gardens we visited, namely Heaven Scent Nursery and Duncan’s Roses. This happens every year in late October/early November. We selected three gardens to visit out of many. Duncan’s Roses Gardens – Elgin Heaven Scent Nursery, Elgin A little history on the Elgin Open Gardens Route: The story of […]

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Art of Nature

No words can describe the beauty of nature. It is the way we look at plants – the up close and personal! I find this the most captivating part of gardening – the way we see our garden! The light – the colour – the texture! All so fascinating! How gracious nature is with her beauty! Enjoy your garden this week! Happy Gardening xxxxx

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Grasses revisited

I have been slack with my blog posts of late – not because I’m not in the garden and taking photos, its because work has me tied to the computer all day! I spend every spare moment in the garden and at every opportunity, I have my camera with me. So the photo library is full, I just have to take time now and tell you whats been happening. Have a look […]

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The 30 Day Challenge – Day 6

Today, I am grateful for patience! It is one of the great gifts of life and one of the qualities that we strive for, but not always achieve! I believe it comes with maturity and not necessarily with age! I have watched my garden transform and change and without patience, I would have not been as successful with it! I have patiently watched the seeds take root and then inspect the first […]