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Happy Festive Season

I want to wish you all a Happy Festive Season and all the good stuff for 2013. I’m on holiday and enjoying my garden again. I won’t be blogging as much because we lock our office door and the computer is unplugged! I have finally got a book for Christmas that I want to read and the pool is sparkling blue! So, enjoy the holidays !!! Oh yes! My hubby and I […]

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The big reveal

The House that Steffi built!

Finally … I am able to show my daughters new house. It took quite some convincing for her to allow me to publish these and it was on the understanding that I explain that they are still busy varnishing floors, skirting boards are still missing, and, and, and … there are unfinished things all over the place – so please bear that in mind. Still not quite finished (notice the work people […]

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The Old house

Old house

About two weeks ago I showed my daughters ‘new garden’, well, what is going-to-be the garden of her newly built home (see post here … Intimidating). These past two weeks they have been very busy cleaning up the front areas, erecting a wall around the front, paving the driveway, tiling the swimming pool and tiling the outside entertainment area. Its looking VERY different to the photos I showed you in that post […]

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Destruction 101

If I had to commentate the happenings in my back garden it would go something like this – “….The garden was devastated by Hurricane Skollie and Tornado Vanilla….” I am shattered at the total destruction 2 small chickens can inflict on an area large enough to hold a large house!! The garden is a total mess and the beautiful stone path around the house has been scratched to death. I have lost […]

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Grow bag with style

Thank you so much, Chris, for this lovely new addition to my gardening arsenal, which you brought back for me from Munich. This very attractive grow bag is from EMSA – Germany and is versatile and stylish for indoor and outdoor use. It is waterproof too and with a big feel-good factor they have already taking continental Europe by storm. EMSA call these wonderful products – Soft Bags. Plants also need sufficient drainage to […]

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New Back garden area

I am so amazed at how we, my hubby and I, have been able to get this new area as part of our garden again. It was the chicken run for so long and now we are going to take it back!! We erected a new wall and now in the sequence of photos you will see the taking down of the temporary (was up for at least 4 years) shade cloth. […]

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Fence building

Hi Chris!! It has finally happened. The long discussed idea of walling in the back garden. As you know, we put up  temporary shade cloth fencing to give us some privacy. But that was some 6 years ago. We have been in our home for 7 years now (in October), so the temporary shade cloth has stood the test of time – but has to go now!! There is so much ground […]

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What’s this plant?

I was visiting my sister last week and she gave me this plant to identify. Well, as I am not an expert, I thought I could ask my gardening friends! What is this plant? It grew from a bird dropping, she says, and is now a beautiful bush, so it grows like a weed. The blossoms smell like jasmine. Is there such a thing called a Jasmine Tree?  I thought it looks […]

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Happy Spring Day!

A BIG HAPPY SPRING DAY to all our southern hemisphere gardeners! I am excited for the new season and my garden is waiting to burst forth! There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling.  ~ Mirabel Osler Happy Gardening xxxxx

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Feeding time

It was feeding time today and the neighbourhood gang came to join in!! The yellow Weaver Birds are the most comical. They come and call me at lunch time when I have forgotten the time. The chickens have to peck quickly if they know whats good for them. These little doves come in huge mobs and can devour a chickens lunch in seconds! Feeding time is always a big occasion at our […]