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Gifts from the Garden

Gifts from the Garden - Photograph © Barbara Mueller-Thiart

What a way to start the weekend … with a visit from one’s best buddy who arrives bearing a basket of gifts from her garden! Ah! Life really is good! As you can see from the photograph, said basket looked almost too beautiful to unpack … but unpack it I did because it was so full of yummyness. Firstly, the big bunch of Lavender, from your garden – I put it in […]

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Baby Dove thriving

Baby Dove Day 3

Day 3 Today she is actually recognising me – she follows me with her eyes. She loves posing for the camera. I’m becoming very attached to this little one. She wakes at 6am for her first feed. I am now getting the hang it. I bought baby bird feed from the local pet shop. It is a powder mix of all sorts of goodies – corn, wholewheat, soy, pro-biotics, and I forget what […]

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Baby Dove is doing well

Baby Dove Day 2

Day 2 I am happy to report that the baby dove (just calling her ‘peep’ for now) is doing well. She immediately took to the feeding syringe – thanks to the internet. We changed the rubber glove finger tip to a latex glove finger tip. It is softer and the baby beak has more freedom to get to the food. We have to get a better baby bird feed. What we are […]

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The Nogg Urban Chicken Coop

Nogg Chicken Coop

I just stumbled across this Urban Chicken Coop by Nogg and thought you might like this. If I was going to have chickens (would love to, but Dexter & Hercules … well, you know!) I would so get me one of these for them to live in. How cool and stylish is this?? The blurb goes … A stylish & sculptural piece of garden furniture with breakfast thrown in! Here is a […]

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My Gardenias and insect repellent


I thought I was finished for today, but then I had some more I wanted to say … remember that discussion we had about the insect repellents and how toxic they smelt (and felt)? Today I had to do some major spraying because I found aphids on quite a few of my Gardenias – also on the Camellias in the garden. So I got hold of Ludwig’s Insect Spray to try. It […]

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Setting up a gardening blog


Setting up a new blog is indeed quite a challenge for me. First you have to decide what you want to do with your blog, then there is the choice of blogging software, then you need a theme (design) and then you need to set it all up and add some blog posts to get it going. For this blog I chose to use wordpress (only because I know it faily well, […]