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My beautiful countryside

my countryside 27

I was so inspired by Donna from Garden Walk Garden Talk and her post on the word bucolic. It was a pleasant surprise what this word meant and with her beautiful visuals, got me thinking of getting out into my countryside and showing you what my eyes delight in everyday I drive into town. I love this time of year and the rural fields are full of the new wheat and oats [...]

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Patchwork Patio design

patchwork patio 08

Hi Chris, I thought about what you said on coming to sit on your patio to get a feel of it. I had this Patchwork Patio idea in my head but did not actually know what it was going to look like. I did my research on the tiles and pebble prices and found everything at Cape Garden Centre. The prices were the best by far and got everything – I mean [...]

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Patchwork Patio plan

Patio plan

Hi Chris, I am now planning phase 3 of Back Garden Project. I have two more patches to landscape, one being 2250mm x 2700mm next to the pool just beyond the new grass patch. Now, here I want to put a type of patio – similar to the one you have near your pool area with flagstones. I want to do something different that included sandstone pebbles and ground cover as well. [...]

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New grass patch


Hi Chris – today was the day! I fetched my grass sods from our friend, Kevin, who grows the most amazing indigenous grass. (Star Light Lawn) This grass is Cynodon – an indigenous grass, valued for its drought tolerance compared to most other lawn grasses. Also known as Bermuda grass, originally from the savannas of Africa. It grows in open areas where there are frequent disturbances such as grazing, flooding, and fire. [...]

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Neutrog in my garden

Neutrog Samples

I had the pleasure of meeting Julie Velosa from Neutrog. She came across our blog and we met for coffee, here in my village of Philadelphia, and she offered us product to try out in our gardens. Well, I was totally keen to do this, because I know that Neutrog is certified organic and I have been looking at what to add to my winter garden in preparing for my spring planting. [...]

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MyGardenSchool Organic Gardening course

Soil Test Assignment

For the past 4 weeks I have been taking part in The Organic Garden course by My Garden School. What a wonderful course it was and how the lecturer, Stephanie Donaldson made everything clear and concise and that organic gardening does not need a masters degree but a clear and practical mind to know how to work with mother Earth. I really enjoyed logging in every Saturday morning and downloading that weeks [...]

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back-breaking back garden project


I have finally completed the hard landscaping of my back garden. It has been a gruelling weekend with great weather to help me complete the job! I don’t know where the energy came from, but I was literally in the back garden from sun up to sun down. I think the photos say it all! I was constantly being “assessed” by the chicken brigade! But I did get the final nod by [...]

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Strange onion?


After my post on the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day about the onion, my neighbour asked me what kind of onion is this?? I thought it was a normal onion you buy at the grocery store. Hmmmm! I think I’m wrong. Does anyone know what kind of onion this is? Is there such a thing as a French Onion? I have asked around and no one can help me. I know it is [...]

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Introducing our Blotsprouts


Barbie and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our “Blotsprouts” to the Blotanical Community …  We’ve raved about the Blotanical Community and about being “Blotanists”*. As you become more involved in the Blotanical community and spend time reading other Blotanists posts, sharing info, communicating with and getting to know other gardeners around the world, you accumulate points and progress through the ranks. You start out as a Blotanist, then [...]

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Finished the bed building

night crawler 01

It has been back-breaking business, but I have finally finished building the raised beds for the back garden this weekend. The chickens enjoyed the company and the new play area! I have filled the first bed with all the good and rich organic material. I have a friend that has horses and had straw bales for me! It is out-of-season, so they were more pricey than normal. But they are the best [...]