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Before and After

Before+after 06

I have been watching the growth of my garden and, with the gentle prodding from our friends, I had to do this post to showcase the tremendous change that happened in my small part of the world in the short 6 months since I started my whirlwind, one-woman landscaping exploit. I will do each part separate: I have divided the garden into front, veggie patch (along the side), the fruit tree area [...]

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from wheat fields to vineyards

stellenbosch 01

Today I had a work appointment in Stellenbosch and it is a good hours drive from where I live in Philadelphia (Cape Town, SA…..) I always love the drive because I take all the back roads through farms, wheat fields and vineyards. Imagine if your back garden was a wheat field or a vineyard…….. enjoy! The drive takes me through the dairy farms and the wheat fields of the Swartland to the [...]

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Its been a while since I have had a chance to write and blog about my garden. Work has been taking up all of my time and before the sun sets, I dash out and take some photos or just play with the chickens in the garden (they always need supervision nowadays – no free run of the place!) This is the time I can really look closely at whats happening in [...]

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Miss you


I miss your posts and the laughter in your garden… I miss the way you hug your plants… I miss the birds, the blommies and even your moles… I miss the fun in your voice when you blog about Dex and Hercules… but most of all I miss you! Here are the first batch of irises I have dedicated. xxxxxx    

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New life in my garden


It has been a trying week and my heart is with you, Chris. I know that there will be nothing that will console you. Time is the only healer. I have dedicated this post to you. The new life that I have found in my garden, gave me hope that our soul is never lost and that we are ever closer to our loved ones. I am grateful for our friendship and [...]

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I’m Wordless this Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

For Mom and Dad … Not often I’m lost for words but today I am. Both my parents are in hospital, on opposite sides of the world and I’m feeling helpless here in Africa. Nothing taking my mind off it, not even the Garden brings any joy today. xxx

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First visitors to the new Bird Feeder

And looking for his buddies

I hung the new bird feeder on Saturday after following the instructions that came with it and on Sunday I saw my first bird – although fleeting. I peeped through the window wondering whether any birds had been and there was one. He darted off very quickly though. Since then, I’ve looked a few times and believe it or not, every time I’ve seen a little visitor! What Joy! This afternoon I [...]

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Dance of the Bees

Bee 1 doing a pirouette

The fol­low­ing buzzing con­ver­sa­tion is based (albeit very loosely) on true fic­tional tales. The names of the Bees have been con­cealed in order to pro­tect their buzzing identity. Overheard on location in Claremont, Cape Town The Stage: Australian frangipani tree (Hymenosprum Flavum) Cast of characters (in order of appearance): Bee 1; Bee2; Woman with camera, Bee 3 and Bee4 Bee 1: Buzzz … where is that human now with her camera? Doesn’t she [...]

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Illumination a Word for Wednesday on Thursday

Light enhances the colours of some

My interpretation of the word “Illumination” when applied to my garden – linked up to Donna’s “Word for Wednesday“. I see different things at different times of day. At night I see the fairy lights in the tree lighting up parts of the garden that is pleasing to my eye, a few up-lights highlight the Bird Bath Bed and warm outdoor lights on the back patio highlight the back garden in a [...]

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My extended back garden

1 my backyard 11

When we moved into our house here in Philadelphia, we were so captivated by the rural feel and the long dirt roads where you can take long walks next to the wheat fields, that we added a gate to the back garden wall. This allowed us easy access to the meadow behind our house and to the long dirt road. Well, now that we have had to pen our chickens, so that [...]