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The 30 Day Challenge – Day 4

This morning I was up early with the chickens and had a wander around in my garden…. I found my first edible blueberry! So, I am grateful today for being able to use my sense of taste in my garden! Oh the sweetness of that blueberry – and it came from my garden. I look around me and see so many, many fruits and plants I have that I will be able […]

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One Word Wednesday – Orange

Orange leaf detail

This week I’m joining Alan of It’s Not Work, It’s Gardening in his “One Word Wednesday” theme. This week the word is “Orange” – I never purposely buy or plant orange flowers, so without any further ado (or words), let’s see what orange blooms and things, if any, I can find in my garden. Orange Leaf detail Orange detail on the yellow Lily Quite a lot of Orange in the garden considering […]

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The 30 Day Challenge – Day 2

The days come and go too quickly for me, so I am grateful today for time. With time I can hold a flower in my hand and relish it or I can sit and watch the rain and not feel rushed or that I have to be somewhere. Time is so precious for us all and I make the most of all the time I have on this planet. Time is what we […]

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Malachite sunbird babies

I had the whole day in the garden today and with the joy of seeing the new Malachite sunbird babies in my fuchsia bush, well it made my garden work a whole lot more fun. I literally ‘played’ with them all afternoon. They were not at all fussed to see me in the garden. The mother bird made lots of noise to warn the young ones, but they watched me nonchalantly. The […]

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The 30 Day Challenge – Day 1

Even though it is already the 5th of November, it is my 1st Day of the 30 Day Challenge. I am grateful for my feathered friends! It was hard to chose the first thing I am grateful for, so I selected what was for me precious and amazing TODAY! Well, needless to say, that the birds in my garden delight me and entertain me and keep me human. They always remind me […]

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Wagtails in my jasmine

We have a local wagtail couple that have produced 2 families in our jasmine bush, these past two seasons. And I am happy to say that they have produced two new wagtails. I have been following their progress – from nest building to egg laying to hatchlings to fledglings. Now my new wagtail family enjoy my veggie patch and all the wonderful bugs that hang around there. Do you remember these photos […]

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Our new Gardening Companion

From the Veggie patch, surveying the scene

The eagle … I mean dog has landed! After much trauma and indifferent service from an international pet relocation service, we have finally been reunited with Sherrie, my Dad’s dog. Poor thing has been on three flights – first from Kansas City, Missouri to Dulles, Washington, from Dulles to Amsterdam, then from Amsterdam to Cape Town and at last she is home with us. She arrived just after midnight last night and […]

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Destruction 101

I have been out of sorts these past few days. I have spent an enormous amount of time in the garden of late with my homemade sprays in hand and keeping all the pests at bay. I have managed to cause more damage than good with one particular organic spray by getting the dosage wrong and it damaged some of my plants, especially my broccolli and squashes! Huge yellow spots – almost […]

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Whats growing in my veggie patch?

After all those flowers for GBBD – I am wondering what is happening in my veggie patch. I have been busy so I haven’t had time to take any new photos this week, but I will do this coming weekend and keep you up-to-date! But heres what’s growing in my veggie patch and my new raised beds. Somethings are completely new for me. For instance potatoes! I have read up on them […]

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Before and after continued ..

Thank you all for the interest shown in the Before and After! of my front garden. As promised, I have taken the latest photos of the back garden today, so now I can show you the big changes! The Back Garden BEFORE: It was a ruined area, the chickens had taken over the back garden and as any chicken owner knows – I’ve learnt – they scratch and peck until it is pretty much […]