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March in two gardens for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

The simmering heat of Summer should be behind us on this our 13th combined post for March’s Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. Instead we are battling temperatures in the high 30’s this week – 39° today again and not even a hint of a breeze! We are both looking for that zing again that has us babbling on about our gardens. The heat has taken its toll, but with the resilience we have […]

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Lush green for March

I am looking forward to cooler breezes and that crisp morning air in March. Christine shared her garden lovelies in Autumn in Cape Town and I have to say, just taking a walk around my garden today I can see that the lushness of green is predominant in my garden at the moment. The last of the great harvests are behind me and the preparation for the March sowing will begin this […]

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View from the bench

A lovely spot to sit and contemplate

In my front garden I have a bench which sits in the “Gardenia Bed” and faces the front garden. I like to sit there on occasion to admire all the trees – the one big Shinus sp. which looks a bit like a willow tree and the trees that border my property outside the boundary wall. I sat here for a while today and contemplated the change of the season and how […]

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The Second of my Twelve

My forest

Diana asks this month to choose a tree with your heart. That one tree you will always plant, always want to have in your garden. If you have a new garden you will look for a place to plant it. That’s how much you love that tree! Well here’s my problem. In my “Garden of Twelve”, I already have a tree – an existing Betula pendula, Silver Birch. And it is a […]

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My Summer garden update

Lots of pretty in the back

The last few days it has been a whole lot cooler here in Cape Town which means I felt more inclined to walk around and see what the heat of the previous weeks has done to my garden and plants … Angelonia is a hard-working little flowering plant that seems to thrive in the heat of the sun… At times like this I am particularly grateful for the big trees in my […]

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Summer Heat getting to me

Summer is getting intense! We have had days of nonstop high temperatures and I can’t protect my garden from it. It has been close to 40 degrees here with no letting up. In the early mornings I take this time to water as much as I can as well as early evening – I’m watering twice a day! But the damage is done…. I am devastated by the damage to my huge […]

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This ever happen to you?


I don’t know why but right now I’ve lost a bit of interest in my garden and am a little disappointed. Nothing fun is going on in it, there are visible and invisible things and creatures destroying plants and the sun has done a fair amount of damage whilst I wasn’t paying attention. Growth has been great all round, unfortunately too great in some areas. Once again my lavender plants have become […]

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Cleomes in bed

Hi Chris! I have been waiting patiently for a cool day in order to plant my Cleomes and TODAY WAS THE DAY! I had the perfect bed in my back garden where they will get the morning sun and some shade in the afternoon. My Three Sisters bed (which I called the “Pumpkin Patch”) had come to an end and the soil was rich and ready for new planting. They look really […]

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Mexican Petunia – My favourite plant of the season

Mexican Petunia

My favourite plant of this Summer season has been hands down, without contest, the Mexican Petunia (Ruellia brittoniana). I first took notice of this plant when I read about it on It’s Not Work, It’s Gardening (thanks Alan!) and then shortly thereafter I found them at the local nursery. I bought one, planted it and within days I knew that I wanted more … bought two additional plants and now I wish […]

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A few words about grasses on Wednesday

Few words Wednesday - Grasses

I know I go on a bit about ornamental grasses and how much I love them (are you tired of this subject yet?) and so rather than bore you with another one of my rants on how amazing, spectacular and gorgeous grasses are, I thought today I would show you in photographs why grasses belong in my garden … The Mexican Petunia is a beautiful plant in its own right and looks […]