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Meadow update

Hi Chris, remember my back garden meadow I want to create? I spread the seeds at the beginning of April and the last two weeks I have taken photos of the progress. I am still not sure what flowers will come out so it will be fun to see how the whole area will develop. I can recognise marigolds and that’s about it! Oh yes – I also see clover and a […]

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The Colour of Autumn

Evergreens keep looking good

If you look past the mess and obvious work that needs to be done you will find little spots of colour and beauty in my Autumn garden. But, you reee-ally need to look past a lot of debris and fallen leaves to see it. If you love the look of fallen leaves and fading blooms, then you don’t have to look too hard to marvel at the changes that are happening in […]

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Clivia is Fourth of my Twelve


Gardening in shade in South Africa almost requires the gardener to grow this most beautiful of native beauties, the Clivia. Prized for their ability to flower in shade, Clivias are ideal for massed planting under trees or in shaded areas. Extremely hardy and drought-resistant, they will not thrive in direct sunlight or frost areas. As I have lots of shade I also have lots of Clivias … An evergreen beauty, during the […]

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April in two gardens for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

This month we have finally experienced the big cool down, but the hot days still linger on this day, 15 April for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. We have had heavy down pours, then sweltering heat, then the big chill! It is not uncommon to have 4 seasons in one day this time of year, so this can cause havoc in the garden. Let’s see what’s blooming in our gardens…… Here’s what’s blooming […]

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Grasses highlighted – 1st anniversary

I have been asked a few times by many to put together a more detailed post on the Grass Feature in my front garden. It is one of my very special places in my garden and takes pride of place (ok – the veggie patch is still the number one!) This is the month of its 1st Anniversary, so we can really go back and see how it looked 1 year ago. […]

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The House Plant (Anthurium andreanum)

New house plant

Does being a good gardener mean you will be successful at indoor gardening too? I think in my case “enthusiastic” is a better description than “good”, but the question is the same. Can I be good at both? I know I don’t have the same enthusiasm for indoor plants that I have for outdoor plants. I find the plants in my garden extremely forgiving – if they are happy in their allotted […]

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Creating a meadow

Christine’s last post with her beautiful field of Anemones got me totally inspired! The idea of a meadow brings to my mind the memory of childhood in my family’s back garden. Tall grasses and sunshine and the smell of wild flowers! My Dad used to make hamburgers on the grill and my Mom set the picnic table with a checkered table cloth and paper plates! And then … when I was reading […]

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My garden in Autumn

My lovely little field of Anemones

I’ve been working my way through a lengthy list of Things to Do in the garden – none of which I will bore you with here. You know the drill … cut back, tidy, dead head, prune, chop, feed, mulch, plan, re-pot, plant, prepare … and then still lots more to do. One of the advantages of all this activity is that cutting back the tired summer growth seems to bring the […]

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Grass Feature Patch preview

Hi Chris! I have been off the radar this past week with sinus troubles! I am certain they are spraying the fields around us with chemicals. Argh! Not good! The wheat farmers now grow grapes in the area, and I know that they spray these! I have had to go on antihistamines and nasal sprays and it has knocked me a bit sideways! I will have to investigate this further! But in […]

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Dietes Grandiflora is Third of my Twelve

I would not be a true South African gardener if I did not have this wonderful indigenous plant in my garden – Dietes grandiflora. I’ve briefly discussed Dietes before – it is a reliable plant in my garden and forms part of what I consider the  “background planting”. It forms a stunning backdrop to all my other foliage and flowering plants and is beautiful in its own right. Also known as Wild […]