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New patch plantings

Hi Chris – I know I mentioned this to you last week already, but I had little time to get the photo’s done and up for you to see. I know I keep telling you how I love your Nandina, well I have now bought some as well as azaleas to go in my shade patch in the back garden. Everything else I have planted here has died; either ripped out by […]

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Gardening in July

These wet and rainy winter days are enjoyed by some and not by others. I, on the one hand, like the cool and the wet because our summers are intense and the hard clay ground is unworkable. The winter ground is soft and yielding and I can now spend time digging beds and preparing them for the new season, plan the design of new paths, and any new constructions can be actioned! […]

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Bugs ‘n Boids

Had a bit of fun in the garden after it rained so hard. The poor birds looked like wet rags hanging on the bare fig tree. They are so part of my garden that you might as well call me the dove lady! Every morning the massive exodus of birds from my deck when I open the back door is a sight to behold. They all seem to sleep all over the […]

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Meadow in colour

Hi Chris – the meadow patch is blooming!! There are delicate flowers every where and more to come….. I know there are weeds in between the flowers, but thats a meadow, right? I know there are alyssums, nasturtiums, cosmos but no real flowers yet, there are phlox and marigolds and others I need help with. Take a look at how nice it looks now! It needs some sort of styling, but at […]

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Garden Bloggers Harvest Day in July

Winter Blues  are deep set this month as we start off on our seventh Garden Bloggers Harvest Day this 5th day of July 2012 in the southern hemisphere, and the gardeners of Two Gardens have very little to show off. All the gardening magazines highlight the fact that we should be harvesting our cabbages, cauliflowers and broccolis, but this is far from happening. Well, the temperatures have been rather cold and we have spotted snow on […]

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Fleeing Fugitives

This week started off with a hint of “Police File” investigations. Familiar sounds – usually heard in prison, I mean cages! – emanating from the tree tops surrounding our house. Well, what do you know!?? Two fleeing fugitives caught in my camera sights…. Barney Blue and Yam Yam Yellow! Don’t know where they escaped from, but are now having either long soliloquy cheep-chats with bored pigeons or flitting at high speed from […]

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Foliage in my wet winter garden

Cape thatching reed looks wonderful

After Barbie showed us her winter garden I thought it was about time I ventured out into the garden between downpours to take a few photographs so I too can show you my wet winter garden. This weekend it has rained pretty much non-stop here in the Newlands valley where I live. Its been cold and chilly and I have not been inspired to do any major garden projects. We’ve been staying […]

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Camellia is fifth of my Twelve


My shade garden in the middle of winter would be dull indeed if it were not for the bursts of colour provided by the Camellias known as ‘The Empress of Winter’. Another fabulous foundation plant in my garden, Camellias are wonderful evergreen shrubs or small trees that provide seemingly never-ending large blooms in hues of white, pink and cerise, even red. Any post I do in winter seems to feature at least […]

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Winter in my garden

I have to say that I was dreading winter – but there have been some really warm days and the rainy days have been spent indoors with a warm fire and always some seeds to plant on the back deck. I want to show you what’s been going on in my garden, especially in the back where the new meadow is growing so beautifully. I am really enjoying my garden and the […]

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What’s this?

While I’ve been cleaning up my garden and planting seedlings, I have been watching these two strange “weed” bushes developing in the corner where the old conifer tree was. I wanted to see what they would eventually become, but I am now curious to know what the dickens these are! The first bush has a very familiar looking flower – similar to a tomato and the actual potato plant! Any clue?? Then, […]