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Garden on a plate

Wow – that was some storm we experienced over the weekend. I was so worried that the hail storm was going to ruin my veggie patch and when it rained cats and dogs, it was going to wash everything away! Glad to report that there are only small pools of water and the garden has survived. So much so, that I could pick an amazing lunch salad from the greens all around […]

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Spring is on its way

Which will soon look like the others

It was a public holiday here in South Africa today (Women’s Day*), AND the sun was shining for a change, so I managed to get out into the garden. Several urgent tasks required my attention and thanks to the sunny weather, I was able to get quite a bit done. The new Jasminum polyanthum which I bought as a replacement for the Bougainvillea (that became overgrown, crashed and was removed) were finally […]

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My Late Winter Harvest

A closer look at my stash

I’ve been winding down my little herb and vegetable plantation (read: pots and planters filled with herbs and greens) in order to prepare the planters and pots with fresh compost and soil for planting up of fresh seedlings for Spring. So my harvest is small, but it sure packs a punch. For our August Garden Bloggers Harvest Day I’ve managed to fill a basket with wonderful herbs we will use in out […]

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Garden Bloggers Harvest Day in August

There is snow in them thar hills!! The evenings are still bitterly cold as we kick off on our eighth Garden Bloggers Harvest Day this 5th day of August 2012 in the southern hemisphere, and the gardeners of Two Gardens are weary of the wet and cold. We are preparing for the sunshine and the warmer days. The hint of spring is here, but we are still wrapped in winter woollies! The seed banks are full […]

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Biodiversity showcase garden

Cape Town is internationally known as a biodiversity hotspot with many species occurring nowhere else in the world. The Biodiversity Garden in Green Point, Cape Town was built around the World Cup Stadium in time for the Soccer World Cup (2010). I took my sister (the one visiting from Australia) to this Showcase Garden last week where we learnt about all the elements making up biodiversity through a series of themed gardens. Instead of […]

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Too pretty to eat

New acquisition: Lemon Thyme

Hi Barbie – I was very inspired by your post about the Edible Flowers in your garden. It got me thinking, how many edible flowers do I have in my garden? Your list is really very comprehensive and includes some flowers I did not know were edible. I’ve been watching a lot of MasterChef series lately and am always charmed by the look of the dishes that use edible flowers in their […]

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Wander about the neighbourhood

The weather was so beautiful on Monday that my hubby and I took a meander about the neighbourhood. We live in a quaint village that is surrounded by wheat, canola, cows, sheep and even pigs! I love this time of year, when the fields are green and the canola is bright yellow – hey, wait! It’s not spring yet! The canola is early! Oh well, looks like the patterns are changing and […]

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Edible flowers in my garden

I came across an article on edible flowers some time ago and while I was thinking of something to blog about, I remembered this and I was quite surprised that I have quite a few of them that grow in my garden (some from Spring to Summer). Of the 35 or so flowers mentioned, I have 21 of them!! These blossoms are used in teas or salads. The borage flower has a […]

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Mid winter in Two Gardens for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Can you believe this Iris?

It’s the coldest winter we’ve had in the Western Cape here in South Africa for as long as we can remember. There’s snow on the mountains nearby and everybody is talking about how cold it is. The promised storms we were warned about passed us by and hit further inland with snow falling in places in South Africa where it has never snowed before. Around here we had a lot of rain, […]

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Disaster struck (the story of the overgrown Bougainvillea)

After the collapse ...

We’ve had our fair share of stormy weather, but this was not a weather related incident. This was all about the Bougainvillea deciding it had enough of being trained up a trellis, growing thick and powerful and then planning its escape … Before … a happy space to while away the day When I bought this house there was  sort of mirror mosaic on the wall which we were not fond of. […]