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Front garden cleanup

It has been an eventful week in my garden – with my first Louisiana Iris bloom and with the warm sunny days we have had all week, the energy is there to get the garden looking spiffy! Out came the lawnmower and the big job to cut the knee-high grass! Oh boy! What a job. As the sun sets on a productive day, I look out over my front garden and am […]

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Seasonal Celebrations

Who me? No Mom! I didn't trample your plants

We’ve been celebrating Spring for the past week and enjoying lovely sunny days and the effect it has in the garden. My favourite tree the Cherry Blossom (type: unknown) is in full bloom and dropping the lovely petals to the ground which creates a magical snow-like look in the beds below. I can stare at this tree for hours, knowing that in two to three short weeks she will be covered in […]

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What beauties

I am jumping with glee!! It is so amazing to see my Irises going from buds to blooms. I was like a child waiting for Christmas to arrive!! And it was so worth it! They are magnificent. I was never a real flower garden person, but to have these extraordinary flowers all over my organic vegetable garden has been a great delight!! I will say no more! Just look at the photos! […]

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Spring in Two Gardens for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Spring has finally arrived here in the Western Cape, South Africa. As if Mother Nature flipped a switch, the days are warm and the sun is melting the snow of the far mountain pecks. The gardens are excited to get going and we can feel the rush of spring. “Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the […]

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In the grass bed

I have pinks and whites and a single blue

The ornamental grasses are still a no-show (all cut back and barely visible now), but look … planted as an after-thought the teeny little Salvia plants I couldn’t resist at a nursery visit are coming along splendidly! Who would’ve thought? I’m always reading rave reviews about them, nearly every garden blogger mentions them at some stage and show theirs off – but if I’m being honest, I’ve never been overly enamoured. Up […]

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Azalea love

I ♥ the Azaleas in my garden

I was asked in the comments section on a previous post for some advice on how to grow and care for Azaleas. I am definitely not an expert, far from it, but I admit that my Azaleas are probably the most reliable and prolific of all the flowering plants I have in my garden. Every spring they surprise me when they start flowering and continue to do so for what seems like […]

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Another rainy day

Oh well, the spring sun was covered with clouds today and the rain came tumbling down – again. But Spring is all about the warmth and the rain – the flowers and the showers, right? So here is my garden today – wet and warm. The Spring feeling is in the air and the blues have melted and the spirits are high. I’ve been in the garden all day yesterday – pulling, […]

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Fence building

Hi Chris!! It has finally happened. The long discussed idea of walling in the back garden. As you know, we put up  temporary shade cloth fencing to give us some privacy. But that was some 6 years ago. We have been in our home for 7 years now (in October), so the temporary shade cloth has stood the test of time – but has to go now!! There is so much ground […]

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It’s all too beautiful …

Azalea Alley

It’s all too beautiful when the spring sun starts to warm up the earth and the plants respond by showing their first blooms and sprouting forth with lovely fresh new foliage. Gardening buddy Holly from Roses and other Gardening Joys said to me recently that when the first Iris blooms it is officially Spring – so hallelujah Cape Town! It is officially Spring here and this is the beautiful first Iris in […]

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Garden Bloggers Harvest Day in September

The spring sun is out and the gardener is happy on this, our ninth Garden Bloggers Harvest Day the 5th day of September 2012 in the southern hemisphere, and the gardeners of Two Gardens are celebrating the spring – finally. The days are getting longer and warmer and we can feel the season is changing. Barbie loves the bold yellow of the canola fields surrounding her village and the bright red of the little Bishop bird. […]