Christine’s garden

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Front garden Panoramas

Panorama 1

See my list (photo below). 25 things on my gardening “to do” list. That is 25 things besides the usual cutting back, dead-heading, weeding, and other routine chores this gardener does has to do every week. See my blog post. I show a few scenes from my back garden. Alan from It’s Not Work, It’s Gardening comments “I’d love to see some more panoramic shots of your garden though, as it’s tough […]

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Update on the tree planting

Different angle taken in February 2012

I’m pretty amazed at what one summer can do to a garden. I often find myself humming to the tune of “What a difference a day makes …” and thinking to myself what a difference a season makes in a tended garden. This small portion of my back garden that I am showing here is where I planted the three Pittosporum nigrescens to get back some privacy after much clearing, tree felling […]

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February in two gardens for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Coreopsis verticillata "Moonbeam"

It’s the height of Summer here in the Western Cape as we do our twelfth combined post for February’s Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. Time flies when you are gardening….. Summer has whipped up a few eye-openers when the hazy heat hit us all badly and a few plants struggled to cope. But overall most of the garden showed great resilience and with lots of blooms to share this Bloom Day. Here’s whats […]

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Oxygenators for the pond

Oxygenator getting planted

One of the things on my “List of Things to Do in 2012” is to sort out my pond / water feature. That was pushed to the top of the list when my pond guy upped his rate by another 30% (30% every year for the last three years) which means he is now very expensive for the twenty minutes it takes him to clean the pond. I haven’t fired him yet […]

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The Ugly Post

Empty patches

After yesterdays post in which I gave a brief update on my summer garden, I received such complimentary comments and praise that I started to feel like a bit of a fraud. The reality is that it is still a young, developing garden with quite a number of unsightly corners and patches that need work. I seem to have become quite good at taking photos at angles that show my garden as […]

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My Summer garden update

Lots of pretty in the back

The last few days it has been a whole lot cooler here in Cape Town which means I felt more inclined to walk around and see what the heat of the previous weeks has done to my garden and plants … Angelonia is a hard-working little flowering plant that seems to thrive in the heat of the sun… At times like this I am particularly grateful for the big trees in my […]

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My February Harvest

Harvest Day

My February harvest is meagre … I’m almost embarrassed to show how little there is to harvest this month, but in the spirit of joining in with Garden Bloggers Harvest Day in February, here is what I’ve managed to “harvest” in the last month. The two mint plants seem to be on a mission to take over my veggie planters. It’s a good thing that I have someone to take all the […]

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This ever happen to you?


I don’t know why but right now I’ve lost a bit of interest in my garden and am a little disappointed. Nothing fun is going on in it, there are visible and invisible things and creatures destroying plants and the sun has done a fair amount of damage whilst I wasn’t paying attention. Growth has been great all round, unfortunately too great in some areas. Once again my lavender plants have become […]

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The Sunday Bird Show

Starling on my Terrace

Well its been hot, hot, hot here and I’ve really not had much inclination to dig in the dirt. All I can motivate myself to do as far as gardening goes is to lounge around, enjoy the garden and appreciate the birds who took over the back garden this afternoon. At one stage there were so many flitting around that I had to put the camera down just to appreciate the very […]

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Mexican Petunia – My favourite plant of the season

Mexican Petunia

My favourite plant of this Summer season has been hands down, without contest, the Mexican Petunia (Ruellia brittoniana). I first took notice of this plant when I read about it on It’s Not Work, It’s Gardening (thanks Alan!) and then shortly thereafter I found them at the local nursery. I bought one, planted it and within days I knew that I wanted more … bought two additional plants and now I wish […]