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Belated Harvest for Harvest Day

Veggie Harvest in March

At last some red! It was worth being a few days late for the monthly Garden Bloggers Harvest Day so that I could add a pop of colour to my Harvest Day post! I get really envious when I see all the harvests that are full of colour and all I seem to produce is green … not that I don’t like green. In fact we do – a lot! But every […]

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Garden Bloggers Harvest Day for March

Welcome to our third Garden Bloggers Harvest Day this 5th day of March 2012. Our Two Gardens have surprised us again this summer!  We love sharing with you the delights of our gardens on this day each month! Also, having a peek into your veggie patches will inspire and delight! There is so much to grow and enjoy! We can create great meals from our patch of heaven in our gardens! What’s growing in your edible […]

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View from the bench

A lovely spot to sit and contemplate

In my front garden I have a bench which sits in the “Gardenia Bed” and faces the front garden. I like to sit there on occasion to admire all the trees – the one big Shinus sp. which looks a bit like a willow tree and the trees that border my property outside the boundary wall. I sat here for a while today and contemplated the change of the season and how […]

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Lets talk about Mulch

Rooibos and Bark Mulch - Both are beautiful

Today I tried a product that completely blew me away. I am thrilled to have found Rooibos Mulch by Carmién Tea (based in Citrusdal in the Western Cape) and I want to tell you a bit about it. A few weeks ago I saw Rooibos Mulch for sale at a nursery and saw someone walking out with a few bags. I was curious. I stopped the friendly gardener and asked her about it […]

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The Problem with the Thatching Reed

Successful planting on the RIGHT

We continue with the Big Pond Makeover – or “Project Pond“. The problem I’m focussing on in this post, is the “flop” of the Chondropetalum tectorum (Cape Thatching Reed) planted in the bed on the left of the pond. On each side of the pond is a planting bed. Landscapers told me whatever I plant in the one I need to mirror in the other – and I agree. But it is tricky, […]

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The Big PRE-Makeover Pond Post

One of my goldfish in the pond

I keep repeating myself on this – my pond / water feature kinda sucks! Seeing to it and making it more attractive is one of the things on my 2012 Gardening To-Do List and up to now I’ve been thinking and doing a bit of pond research. So far, Project Pond has started slowly with the adding of some oxygenator plants to the pond, I’ve germinated some Lotus Blossom from seed (new […]

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Growing Lotus Blossom from Seed

Lotus Blossom

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to start working on the plants in my pond. I read up a bit about plants for ponds, what works, what doesn’t. First thing I learnt is that Water Lilies don’t do very well in a pond with moving water. Ok, that explains a lot. The ones I inherited with the pond have never done well. I’ve had one bloom in 3 years. […]

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The Complete Planting Design Course – February Book Review

Complete Planting Design

For this month I’ve chosen to do my book review on a book by Hilary Thomas called “The Complete Planting Design Course – Plans and Styles for every garden”. I first came across the author when I did a distance learning course about garden design and Hilary Thomas was the tutor. At the time I blogged about the course here and at the end I decided to buy the book by Hilary. […]

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The Second of my Twelve

My forest

Diana asks this month to choose a tree with your heart. That one tree you will always plant, always want to have in your garden. If you have a new garden you will look for a place to plant it. That’s how much you love that tree! Well here’s my problem. In my “Garden of Twelve”, I already have a tree – an existing Betula pendula, Silver Birch. And it is a […]

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February Foliage Follow-Up

Foliage has played a major role in providing interest and colour in my late summer garden here in sunny Cape Town. Its been a hot, dry month and although I’m sure we are not over the heat of summer just yet, I think our hottest days might be over. I didn’t plan very well for a flower show this summer – partly because I was distracted in October and November last year […]