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One Minute Tips from Barbie’s Garden – 5

We all love fresh lemons!! But how can we get the most out of them……. here is my tip on using lemons in the kitchen. What can you do with your lemon today? Do you have any tips and tricks? If you have a tip to share – let me know! Maybe yours will be selected and I will do a “One Minute Tip” on it! Happy Gardening xxxx

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Wet October day

Well, the sun is hiding behind dark, ominous clouds and the rain is coming down. I know my garden loves it and after a few warm days, I am quite happy sitting indoors. Just survived a bout of nasty flu and a quiet weekend inside with a great book sounds like a good idea. I did, however, take a quick walk around to see what needed my attention, but my plants all […]

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Mid-Spring in Two Gardens for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

My Japapanese Crabapple (malus floribuna)

The sun is up early and the earth is warming up day by day, now that we are midway through Spring. Some blooms have come to an end but this only makes way for bigger and brighter flowers. Trips to the well-stocked local nursery are frequent to get all that is needed for a burst of colour with new seedlings and flowering plants. Here’s what’s blooming in Christine’s garden in October 2012 The warmer […]

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Babiana Beauties

Christine introduced me to the indigenous flower called Babiana last year, but it never flowered because the chickens scratched it up a few times. Now that the garden is protected from the roaming marauders, I have had the pleasure of watching the Babiana grow and flower. I was so excited to see these in my new corner of the back garden. Babiana is a genus of flowering plants in the family Iridaceae […]

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Garden Bloggers Harvest Day in October

The days are now longer and this our tenth Garden Bloggers Harvest Day, the 5th day of October 2012 in the Southern Hemisphere.  Two Gardens are spending more and more time out doors! Spring showers are the order of the day, but the sun is warming the days and invigorating the growth of our plants. Let’s see what can be harvested from Barbie’s Garden this month The sowing of seeds has been done and I am patiently […]

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Spring Splendour

Never have I been so enamored with a flower as I have with my Louisiana Irises. I think that the first specimen has been so magnificent that I have placed this flower on top of my Most Have To Have list. It is so tall and is so perfect that any other Iris will have to bend in its shadow. I wake up in the morning and open my back door and […]

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Front garden cleanup

It has been an eventful week in my garden – with my first Louisiana Iris bloom and with the warm sunny days we have had all week, the energy is there to get the garden looking spiffy! Out came the lawnmower and the big job to cut the knee-high grass! Oh boy! What a job. As the sun sets on a productive day, I look out over my front garden and am […]

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What beauties

I am jumping with glee!! It is so amazing to see my Irises going from buds to blooms. I was like a child waiting for Christmas to arrive!! And it was so worth it! They are magnificent. I was never a real flower garden person, but to have these extraordinary flowers all over my organic vegetable garden has been a great delight!! I will say no more! Just look at the photos! […]

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Spring in Two Gardens for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Spring has finally arrived here in the Western Cape, South Africa. As if Mother Nature flipped a switch, the days are warm and the sun is melting the snow of the far mountain pecks. The gardens are excited to get going and we can feel the rush of spring. “Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the […]

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Another rainy day

Oh well, the spring sun was covered with clouds today and the rain came tumbling down – again. But Spring is all about the warmth and the rain – the flowers and the showers, right? So here is my garden today – wet and warm. The Spring feeling is in the air and the blues have melted and the spirits are high. I’ve been in the garden all day yesterday – pulling, […]