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Easter Egg Treasure Hunt in Barbie’s Garden

This Easter, I had great pleasure arranging an Easter Egg Treasure Hunt in my garden for all the children !! The little “Easter bunnies” had to prepare for the big event by putting on their bunny ears and bunny tails. Hannes created such a fun video of the day and it went smoothly without one forgotten easter egg. Thank you Mr Easter Bunny!!   For all the blogging friends – the two […]

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Earth Day clean up

I normally miss all these important dates – like “Earth Day” and “Water Week” and read about them in the news paper I lay in the chickens bedding weeks later. So I decided that Earth Day (wednesday, 20 March) was my day in the garden. I spent time cleaning up and looking at ways to help the Earth in my own backyard. We have been thinking of adding a greywater system for […]

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Scary Centipede

I had to post this photo my sister took of a huge centipede she found. Oh My Word!! It has a long tail and this one was about 10cm long without the tail. The legs, for me, are the creepy part! I get goosebumps just looking at it! Centipedes Centipedes (from Latin prefix centi-, “hundred”, and pes, pedere, “foot”) are arthropods belonging to the class Chilopoda of the subphylum Myriapoda. They are […]

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Early Autumn in Two Gardens for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

The cooler days are slowly replacing the swelter of summer. The refreshing rains in March will give the Two Gardens a welcome time out! This is the time to reflect and review – what is coming up this season and what can we look forward to. Here’s what’s blooming in Barbie’s garden in March 2013 I have started early with all the cleaning and cutting and digging and clearing. I feel ready for the […]

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Throwing Stones

This seems like the week of garden activity for me! Thank goodness, I have the strength to do the manual labour needed to get this job done! But – here I had lots of help! We finally got around to throwing stones for our new Zen area. It is already taking shape and I am so pleased that my hubby is gonna be part of this garden feature! My faithful work horse! […]

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Garden Bloggers Harvest Day in March

The summer has past and we are going into autumn this Garden Bloggers Harvest Day in March and the veggie patches of  Two Gardens will be in the middle of refurbishment. We will be seeing the last of the lettuce and the summer veggies. Now is the time for clearing out the old and anticipating new growth!!!! The weatherman is still slinging heatwaves at us, so let’s see what we have been busy with […]

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Front garden activity

This has been such a busy weekend in the garden for me – no longer could I stand the disheveled look and the hanging, overgrown bushes. I had the energy and the will-power to get it right! With my boots and gloves on, I got out the lawn mower,  edge trimer, wheelbarrow, sheers and spade! The neighbour was thunderstruck! She could not believe that I did it all single-handedly! I even had […]

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Sheeping around

I have been so busy with work and stuff that the garden has been neglected and the two bored chickens have been given full access to the front and back garden – out of pure guilt, I must add. There is method to my madness though – I intend to rip out old growth and prune out-of-control perennials. So, let the chickens have there fun. I have started cutting and mowing and […]

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Late summer in Two Gardens for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

When the heat ebbs and the lazy afternoons have been replaced with plans to re-do the beds, then you know that summer is going to be replaced real soon. February has always been the best month of summer, but it looks like this summer was really short! Here’s what’s blooming in Barbie’s garden in February 2013 I am really keen to yank out all my used and dead foliage and get my beds ready […]

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Flowers to say “I’m Sorry”

To all my dear gardening friends, I owe you an apology. Life and work (mostly work) caught up with me and have kept me from my garden and my blog. I miss the daily banter and commenting about our gardens tremendously and I’ve missed ‘watching your gardens grow’. Unfortunately it doesn’t look as if things will slow down anytime soon and I’m committed to this crazy work schedule for at least another […]