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Dull garden?

All seems bleak and colourless when you are forced to stay in bed with a bad flu. It has gripped all I know here in the Western Cape and with the weather as miserable as it has been, I did not have a hint of guilt. But the garden has taken a beating and after the hail storm, I though I would have nothing left. I though all would be dull and […]

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Hail Storm antics

We had an almighty cold front crossing over us the entire weekend. And the hail storm that exploded just a few hours ago was amazing! I haven’t experienced one like this before – not that I can remember! We have a zinc roof so the noise was deafening. I was so surprised to see the new chickens, Tara and Rocky, running around and picking up balls of hail! How funny is that!! […]

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Autumn colours

I was inspired today!! I looked out of my window this morning and the recent fresh rains brought out such beautiful Autumn colours! So I took my camera and explored the wet garden. I found the most interesting perspectives and saw my garden in a different light! Lots of colour that I thought I had lost…   Sweet yarrow flowers are a favourite of mine. The gorgeous Ice Cream bush – love […]

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Garden Bloggers Harvest Day in May

This post is late in coming, but I wanted to save face and let you know that there is something I can harvest from my modest veggie patch. I have not put any effort into the garden this month and yet it still produces happily. I know I promised last month that I would toil and sow seeds, but alas! I might as well have gone fishing!! That’s how much I did […]

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My own Compost

Since I have started my organic gardening craze and the blog as well, I have been purposeful in keeping it all natural and organic. I raise chickens for their great personalities – oh, yes as well as beautiful eggs and the natural manure to feed my pesticide-free garden. I have learnt so much but if I do not put it into practice, then I am just a big wind bag of hot […]

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What’s growing in my backyard

After a week of work committments, my head has hardly moved away from the computer. This has left me with the feeling of “cabin fever”! I was so pleased that we had a holiday on Wednesday – International Workers Day (Labour Day) – and I was NOT going to spend another moment sitting! I was in the garden, playing with the newbie chickens and Skollie (who has calmed down quite abit!) and […]

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Barred Rock rocks the Hen House

All I can say is that we have had some really sad days in the Hen House! Our sweet little Vanilla died very unexpectedly. She was always small and frail – we sometimes called her “Cardboard” because she was so lightweight! But she was the noisiest one of the lot!! Always ran out first and complained when lunch was not served on time!! We are going to miss you, little one! This […]

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The Gardening Blog in the News!

I was so excited when Christine told me that “We are in the Fair Lady Magazine!!” It was such a surprise to the both of us that our “little” blog made it in one of the top woman’s magazines here in South Africa! We are both grinning from ear to ear and had to share this with all our gardening friends! And the Article reads: “Life long friends Barbie and Christine are […]

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Mid-Autumn in Two Gardens for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

The weather is changing and so has the gardening energy. The tempo has died down to a slow pace. The time to reflect and review has set in. The blooms that have decided to stay are still delighting the soul. Here’s what’s blooming in Barbie’s garden in April 2013 The enthusiasm has been packed away and replaced with a more relaxed view of where to go from here. Funny, that autumn always brings this […]

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Garden Bloggers non-Harvest Day in April

Sorry my Harvest Friends!! I have been so preoccupied with other things taking up my time that I have neglected the veggie patch. I spent no time with my seed bank preparing new seedlings and to my sadness now have little to show. Here are the meagre non-harvestable edibles in my garden. I am going to spend alot more time sowing seeds and seedlings this month to try and have a harvest […]