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Fence building

Hi Chris!! It has finally happened. The long discussed idea of walling in the back garden. As you know, we put up  temporary shade cloth fencing to give us some privacy. But that was some 6 years ago. We have been in our home for 7 years now (in October), so the temporary shade cloth has stood the test of time – but has to go now!! There is so much ground […]

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It’s all too beautiful …

Azalea Alley

It’s all too beautiful when the spring sun starts to warm up the earth and the plants respond by showing their first blooms and sprouting forth with lovely fresh new foliage. Gardening buddy Holly from Roses and other Gardening Joys said to me recently that when the first Iris blooms it is officially Spring – so hallelujah Cape Town! It is officially Spring here and this is the beautiful first Iris in […]

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Garden Bloggers Harvest Day in September

The spring sun is out and the gardener is happy on this, our ninth Garden Bloggers Harvest Day the 5th day of September 2012 in the southern hemisphere, and the gardeners of Two Gardens are celebrating the spring – finally. The days are getting longer and warmer and we can feel the season is changing. Barbie loves the bold yellow of the canola fields surrounding her village and the bright red of the little Bishop bird. […]

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The second Spring day

Happy Spring!

Welcome Spring! At last some lovely weather, we’ve had two cold but sunny days. Wonderful sunshine and the plants have perked up by the end of the second day. Welcome Spring! The Azaleas are the star in my early spring garden. I love all the pink and cerise blooms and after the rains they are all showing lovely fresh growth and beautiful blooms. The first Ipheon flower has shown its face. I […]

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What’s this plant?

I was visiting my sister last week and she gave me this plant to identify. Well, as I am not an expert, I thought I could ask my gardening friends! What is this plant? It grew from a bird dropping, she says, and is now a beautiful bush, so it grows like a weed. The blossoms smell like jasmine. Is there such a thing called a Jasmine Tree?  I thought it looks […]

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Happy Spring Day!

A BIG HAPPY SPRING DAY to all our southern hemisphere gardeners! I am excited for the new season and my garden is waiting to burst forth! There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling.  ~ Mirabel Osler Happy Gardening xxxxx

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Feeding time

It was feeding time today and the neighbourhood gang came to join in!! The yellow Weaver Birds are the most comical. They come and call me at lunch time when I have forgotten the time. The chickens have to peck quickly if they know whats good for them. These little doves come in huge mobs and can devour a chickens lunch in seconds! Feeding time is always a big occasion at our […]

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Almost …

The first Iris bud (I forget the type)

It’s almost Spring! Yay! The first sunny day in weeks and I went to see about the damage caused by storms and all the rain. Lots of neglected corners, the lawn needs serious attention, lots of plants need care, pruning, cutting back and my “To Do” list gets longer every second as I walk around the various sections of my garden. But signs of Spring are everywhere. Weigelias are starting to bloom, […]

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Something stirring in my garden

I have not been getting the “spring is a coming” feeling! I have been so preoccupied with work and family birthdays and just feeling cold these past weeks in August that my poor garden has been so neglected. I have to admit that the “feeling has not been there”. I gave my favourite hobby a break. But the blooms are happily awaiting spring, regardless of the absent gardener. I have seen new […]

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One Minute Tips from Barbie’s Garden – 3

Organise your garden seed collection with an easy-to-do tip! This seed bank will keep things neat and tidy. If you have a tip to share – let me know! Maybe yours will be selected and I will do a “One Minute Tip” on it! Happy Gardening xxxx