I am so amazed at how we, my hubby and I, have been able to get this new area as part of our garden again. It was the chicken run for so long and now we are going to take it back!! We erected a new wall and now in the sequence of photos you will see the taking down of the temporary (was up for at least 4 years) shade cloth.


Shade cloth coming down!

Looking from back garden

Another angle

Reclaiming a big area

The chickens will get a new run

So much stuff going to the dump

Hannes taking out poles

Starting to look like something

The new area is now cleared and cleaned and ready to be merged with the back garden. We want to keep this area clean and zen-like. Can’t wait to relax in this area. We have kept 2 poles that we will use to span a grass roof for shade. This will be nice. Now to order the stones !! We still need to get the ground a bit more level first. Can’t wait to show you the new area.

Happy Gardening xxx